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Welcome to Founder Access, a newsletter for early-stage founders navigating the challenges of going from startup to growth company.

 👋🏾 Hi, I’m Antoine Woods, and to quickly introduce myself, I’m a Tennessee kid who started as a programmer, became an entrepreneur, grew into venture capital, and now leverage my social capital for others.

In my early 30s I adopted the mantra, “Doing my best to help others, while also staying out of the way,” and I believe this newsletter is the perfect outlet to achieve that. I have been fortunate to participate in the entrepreneurial experience as a founder, consultant, investor and advisor.

My work as a mentor in entrepreneurial ecosystems across the country and with organizations such as Techstars, Goodie Nation, and Google For Startups has allowed me to work 1:1 with over 250+ early-stage companies and I intend for this newsletter to be a hub for sharing the invaluable lessons and insights learned from my daily interactions working with startup founders, VCs, and community builders.

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A bi-weekly newsletter for early-stage founders navigating the challenges of going from startup to growth company.


Antoine Woods

I'm a 3x founder turned investor who is working to support the growth of early-stage entrepreneurs & tech ecosystems.